Loose Leaf Wellness Tea

Our wellness teas give you the maximum health properties we can find in a cup of tea - double the antioxidant and polyphenol levels from a normal cup. If you are suffering jet lag or need a healthy boost for your "get up and go", try one of our increased health property teas.

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  1. Riverdance Green Tea with Matcha

    Riverdance Green Tea with Matcha

    Starting at: £3.85


    This is a luxury green tea made from an invigorating, lightly astringent blend containing antioxidant-rich Japanese Matcha. The cup is green, with coppery natural hues.


    Classified as a Wellness tea, Riverdance Green is a blend of Kenyan and Malawian green tea and Japanese Matcha which provides a touch of emerald green to the tea.

    Kapchorua is one of Kenya's premier estates producing exceptional green teas from the Ejulu leaf stock.
    Satemwa is an original Malawi tea estate producing some truly innovative teas.
    Izu Matcha from Japan is produced using pure Gyokuro leaves.

    Izu Matcha - the health benefits

    On a gram per gram basis, Izu Matcha contains approximately ten times the polyphenols of regular teas. Two cups of brewed matcha contains seven times the antioxidants of orange juice, twenty times that of apple juice, and nearly 20g of calcium.

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