Exquisite Hot Chocolate

Discover hot chocolate like never before. Just as there are many distinctions between coffees, with York Cocoa House hot chocolate is the same. Browse a selection of sophisticated hot chocolates suitable for any time of day. Sit back and enjoy.

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Growing our catalogue and taking pride in our city go hand in hand. Sticking to our York roots led us to look to someone else in our hometown who was expertly crafting hot chocolate, something we really wanted to add to the site. York Cocoa House hand-make all their chocolate products on site adhering to both timeless and modern recipes that create the perfect cupful for every acquired taste.

With our selection of 15 hot chocolates to choose from you are sure to find the perfect gifts for hot chocolate lovers. Choose from Classic Hot Chocolates to the Connoisseur range for true hot chocolate lovers. Don’t play it safe! Pick a hot chocolate gift that is unique or even signature to York Cocoa House. We guarantee they all taste delicious and there is no better gift for a hot chocolate lover than that of a new discovery.