Brazil Fazenda Pedra Branca Coffee

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Pedra Branca
Lovely smooth style and aftertaste
This coffee offers a lovely soft, smooth style. It’s not one for whacking you round the chops to wake you up! It’s a great coffee to enjoy slowly, to savour it, while resting on the sofa with a biscuit and a good book!
It has real freshness of flavour and a milk chocolate smoothness throughout, and a lovely long milk chocolate aftertaste that lingers in a very pleasant way.
Lovely smooth coffee. Great at anytime but the ideal coffee for a mid afternoon latte with a biscuit and relax.
Just sublime.
Having tried 10 different coffees from 2 York Emporium selection packs, this is my joint favourite with Sumatran Gegarang. Agree with first reviewer - it's deliciously smooth, has a lovely nutty flavour with hints of chocolate. No bitterness at all. Would recommend this highly.
Really gorgeous coffee. A joint favourite with the Cuban. Very smooth, chocolatety and rich. I usually take a drop of milk with my coffee but I can easily drink this black. Delightful, you won't be dissapointed

4 Review(s)

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