Green South American Coffee Beans

South American Coffee are typically known for their light to medium body, simplicity and sharp acidity and if roasted correctly they deliver bright flavors with a clean, crisp finish.

Experiment a little when roasting these South American green coffees, try a light/medium roast initially (a little after first crack) and taste, most of the coffees from this region are best roasted to this level where sweet or fruity flavours are abundent. As you go darker the flavour profiles change to chocolate and perhaps some red wine acidity.

I would not recommend taking any of these coffees past medium/dark roast as you will tend to remove some of the subtle, bright and crisp flavours for which they are renowned.

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  1. Brazil Fazenda Green Coffee

    Brazil Fazenda Green Coffee

    Starting at: £3.85

    Keep nice and light, release once first crack, no oils, dont go into second crack
  2. Brazil Santos SC 17-18 Green Coffee

    Brazil Santos SC 17-18 Green Coffee

    Starting at: £2.90

    Just into the second crack for blends, drop just before second crack for single origin (medium - medium dark)
  3. Colombian Excelso Green Coffee

    Colombian Excelso Green Coffee

    Starting at: £3.20

    Just into second crack, release just after first pops (medium dark)

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