Green African Coffee Beans

Roast these African green coffee beans with care, a light/medium to medium roast is preferable ensuring that you keep the acidity and aromas. Take past the first crack but don't go too close to the second, and be aware of the chaff and debris of the dry processed greens.

An exception is the Ethiopian Djimmah, which can be enjoyed at a medium roast level, but can also be taken into medium dark where it develops a strong smoky flavour but without bitterness (if you get it right!)

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  1. Ethiopian Djimmah Green Coffee

    Ethiopian Djimmah Green Coffee

    Starting at: £2.85

    Keep nice and light, release once first crack, no oils, dont go into second crack
  2. Kenya Bora Green Coffee

    Kenya Bora Green Coffee

    Starting at: £3.30

    A proper medium roast, no oils, drop just as second crack is entered

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