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Ethiopia Mormora Guji Coffee

Ethiopia Mormora Guji Coffee

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If you love floral, sweet & jam like coffees, this is one for you to try. It's our new roastery favourite!


Flavour Notes

Strawberry - Nectarine - Lavender

Very sweet with a creamy body and hazelnut finish.


Mormora is a 200 hectare farm near the town of Shakiso, located in the Gujii Zone of the Oromia Region in the Sidamo Province. Coffee has been growing wild in these areas for centuries; Ethiopia being the birthplace of coffee and the only producing country where coffee is indigenous. Similarly indigenous are the Colobus monkeys, which you must be careful not get too close to when walking through the estate forest.

The farm is managed by the same owners as Guji Highland (our last Ethiopia Guji crop), though Mormora is an older plantation and sits at a slightly lower altitiude - ranging from between 1850 and 2100 masl. Coffee is grown organically in beautiful, wild forest conditions, where the soil is fertile and the trees benefit from a mixture of natural shade plants. Mormora farm is also Organic certified (though this particular lot is not), and the land is managed in sections, with the trees undergoing 25 year cycles before being stumped to rejuvenate.

Ripe cherries are hand picked during harvest season, between November and February. They are then delivered to the washing station in Shakiso where they're graded, sorted, de-pulped and then fermented underwater for between 24 - 48 hours. Parchment is sorted in washing channels, and then placed onto raised African drying tables. The drying period generally lasts for up to 2 weeks, until moisture level reaches 12% or lower. 

Location: Shakiso, Guji Zone, Ethiopia

Owner: Haider Abamecha

Altitude: 1800 - 2000 masl

Processing: Natural

Varietal: Hierloom


Flavour Profiles Plum & Berries, Sweet
Roast Profile Medium Roast


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Complex, unique and satisfying!
This coffee is truly a wonderful and unique sensory experience.

Upon opening the bag, I was greeted with a juicy, mouth watering aroma that reminded me of the smell of freshly baked blueberry muffins straight out of the oven. The smell was so evocative that I actually started really craving a muffin to go with my coffee!

When brewed using my favourite Aeropress method, the coffee is very smooth and the blueberry notes remain present but are joined by a rich, deep flavour that I can only describe as being similar to argan oil or truffles. Totally unexpected in a coffee, and a real joy to experience.

Normally I buy slightly heavier roasts with more chocolatey notes, but this particular coffee has really won me over and I'll definitely be buying it in the future!
Absolutely Delicious
This coffee is probably the best I've ever had. The mix between the classic eastern african blueberry flavour and a strong hint of honey makes it such a pleasure to drink. The description given on the website/packaging truly shows in the drink. Two of my flatmates who do not usually drink coffee had some (after having smelled the coffee), and really enjoyed it. Even with milk the flavour was strong and tasty.

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