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  1. Wholesale Tapworks Water Softener

    Wholesale Tapworks Water Softener



    To produce superb coffee you will need a water softener that is best in class. The Tapworks water softener eradicates hard water problems for good, producing litre upon litre of fresh, soft water each and every day of the year. Once installed, the softener transforms hard water into clean and reinvigorating soft water. The unit is just over half a metre tall so can be easily hidden away .

    The Details

    • Credited by La Cimbali
    • For scale free water
    • Eco friendly
    • Compact size
    • Annual service required


    Included in the Price

    - Delivery

    - Installation (If purchased with an espresso machine)

    - Set up and staff training (If purchased with an espresso machine)

    - 2-year parts warranty, 2-year labour warranty, 10-year warranty on resin vessel

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