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View our range of espresso machines available from Faema. We can help you find the right size machine for your needs, so if you need help selecting a Faema coffee machine please contact us today.

Since 1945 Faema has been designing, producing and distributing professional espresso and cappuccino coffee machines characterised by a captivating design and an innovative technology. This combination of design elegance and technical excellence is testified not just by the amazing results in the cup, but also by the thousands of loyal baristas from around the globe who would never give up their Faema.

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  1. FAEMA Carisma S1 *Call For Best Price*

    FAEMA Carisma S1 *Call For Best Price*



    This beautiful semi automatic  machine is the perfect solution for the smaller space where connection to mains plumbing  is not desired. The Dafne is  Ideal for domestic use or where coffee service is light such  as bars, deli's or small offices.  This compact size espresso machine is simple to use and  has an LCD display for time and digitial temperature setting of both steam and hot water. 


    The Details

     - Semiprofessional, compact coffee machine.

     - Vintage design of pure steel.

     - LCD display.

     - Removable water tank with built-in water softener.

     - Sensor to electronically control the boiler pressure. 

     - Display programmable boiler pressure.

     - Brass made professional hydraulic circuit and coffee group.

     - 1 steam and 1 water wand. 

     - Pressure gauge to display infusion pressure. 


    Included in the Price

    - Delivery

    - Set up and staff training

    - 12 Months Parts and Labour Warranty

    - 5kg of a  free York Coffee Emporium coffee blend of your choice

  2. FAEMA E61 Jubile *Call For Best Price*

    FAEMA E61 Jubile *Call For Best Price*



    In 1961 Faema wrote another important page in its history and in that of espresso coffee machines by introducing the E61, an immediate success thanks to its revolutionary technical solutions and its stainless steel elegant body. Today Faema has crafted a new edition of its jewel in releasing it's new E61. Though built maintaining the original design and materials, the E61 features updated and modern components and not only looks superb but also delivers an excellent tasting cup. The E61 is available in the semi-automatic version “Legend” and in the automatic one “Jubilé”, which features dosed hot water and beverage selections. 

    The origional E61 was the first machine to use a volumetric pump to give the water the ideal 9-atmosphere pressure and keep the pressure constant during the whole extraction process, unlike lever machines. Furthermore, thanks to the preinfusion system, the inclusion of some initial contact time between the water and the ground coffee before extraction delivers an optimal extraction of the espresso shot.

    The Details 

    • Thermal balancing system
    • Built in volumeteric pump
    • Automatic boiler fill
    • Pump & boiler pressure double gauge.


    Price quoted excludes VAT

  3. FAEMA E91 Ambassador *Call For Best Price*

    FAEMA E91 Ambassador *Call For Best Price*



    FAEMA E91 Ambassador SE (Special Edition) is the new version of a machine which has become synonymous with elegance and quality all over the world. The machine is available in 2 and 3-group models.

    The control panel graphics, the evident FAEMA logo, the ergonomic filter-holder handles and the wide cup shelf are characteristic elements in E91 design, which is enriched by the use of stainless steel to guarantee sturdiness and hygiene.

    The excellent in-the-cup result is assured by the adjustable thermal balancing system (FAEMA patented), thanks to which the temperature of each group can be easily set according to the type of coffee used. Furthermore, the hot water mixing system improves the water quality and allows significant energy-saving.

    The automatic models can be equipped with the Auto-Steam (FAEMA patented), a steam wand that simultaneously delivers steam and air thus allowing the hands-free frothing of large quantities of milk without manual intervention. Thanks to a heat sensor, the delivery of steam and air stops automatically when the programmed temperature is achieved, resulting in perfectly frothed milk with consistently dense and velvety.


    Price quoted excludes VAT

  4. FAEMA E98 RE *Call For Best Price*

    FAEMA E98 RE *Call For Best Price*



    The E98 RE is an elegant and versatile machine that's easy to use, adjust and maintain. Ergonomic and sturdy, the E98 is made of steel and aluminium and is equipped with a reliable high performance fixed nozzel thermosyphon system able to guarantee an excellent result in the cup. Available in 2 and 3 group versions, the E98 features selection panels with prompt and precise push buttons  - the chosen selection being signalled by an LED. Available in white, black and red.

    The Details

    • Reliable and high-performing thermal system
    • Robust and ergonomic
    • New button panels with LEDs
    • Quick and easy installation and maintenance
    • Can be customised 


  5. FAEMA Emblema *Call For Best Price*

    FAEMA Emblema *Call For Best Price*


    This Faema flagship machine has been updated with superb asthetic details such as three body colours and multicolour lighting. Style and ergonomics surround the legendary Faema thermal system and the advanced electronics for a full operational control deliver in-cup coffee excellence.

    The distinctive style of the Emblema hints at the capabilities within;

    • Thanks to the Perfect Grinding System (card kit that comes with the wireless grinder-dosers), Emblema communicates via Bluetooth with the wireless grinder-doser, which self-adjusts the grinding and the coffee dose for an excellent result in the cup.
    • The Auto Steam Milk4 system makes it possible to automatically prepare four different milk recipes: unfrothed warm milk, a hint of texture, standard texture and a 
      lot of texture. Perfect everytime.

    • Each coffee group can be set with a different temperature: with the Faema variable thermal thermosiphon system espresso coffees are always excellent with
      every blend. 

    The Details

    • Design filter cover.
    • Three finishes: aluminium, anthracite and white
    • Side and rear lights in different colours & LED lit work area.
    • Smart Boiler technology


    Price quoted excludes VAT

  6. Wholesale Casadio Undieci

    Wholesale Casadio Undieci



    The  Casadio Dieci is an automatic traditional espresso machine with  micro-processor control for easy programming of coffee dosage. It has 4 drink selection buttons which can be programmed to create the required coffee doses. The Dieci is well made and simple to use with 2 groups and a stainless steel hot water wand and 2 multi-directional steam wands for making milk based coffees. . The Dieci also features an automatic boiler fill, a thermosyphon system that replaces the injectors with specific nozzles and a thermal balancing system for consistent coffee. The Dieci is a superb entry level machine for the price!

    The Details

    - 4 programmable drink selections

     - 2 steam wands, 1 hot water wand

     - Stainless steel & aluminium body

    Special Features .


    Included in the Price

    - Delivery

    - Installation

    - Set up and staff training

    - 12 Months Parts and Labour Warranty

    - 10kg of a  free York Coffee Emporium coffee blend of your choice

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