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Aerobie Aeropress with Free Coffee

Aerobie Aeropress with Free Coffee

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New to the coffee market, but fast becoming a Must Have to the coffee enthusiast! The aeropress is ideal for the traveller or solo coffee drinker, as it makes one cup of fantastic, flavoursome coffee quickly and easily. And its easy to clean too!


The Aerobie Aeropress has fast become a must have coffee maker for the coffee enthusiast. Ideal for the traveller or solo coffee drinker, it makes one cup of fantastic, flavoursome coffee quickly and easily. It is extremely easy to clean as the coffee grounds form a cake on the filter which can be dropped straight in the bin.

Buy an Aeropress from York Coffee Emporium and receive a free 200g bag of coffee. The choices are:

Guatemalan Bojangles - sweet in aromatics with a fruity start reminiscent of plums and cherry, petering out to a milk chocolate finish.

Rwandan Ngoma - soft, rich and full flavour with 'grassy', tropical notes.

Brazil Fazenda - sweet and complex flavour with cocoa and plum/berry notes. This is a delicious coffee, incredible in the aeropress.

Decaffeinated Centrals Blend - great-tasting decaffeinated coffee, sweet, bright and smooth with a lively cocoa after-taste.

Emporium Excelso Blend - superb full-bodied and rich coffee, earthy yet with fruity acidity and spicy smokiness. In the aeropress the flavours reveal themselves one by one. It is also the winner of a Great Taste Award.

Java Jampit - earthy tones leading to creaminess but with a bolder hint of fruity acidity and a stronger dark cocoa aftertaste. This is excellent in the aeropress and works well with milk or cream.

Please check the website for further details of these coffees and don't forget to check out the the aeropress selection pack.

Just a few Aeropress coffee maker reviews:

Brews the perfect cup every time. Clean-up takes seconds. Endless variations on method. Lots of optional accessories.
Karissa Bell -

Brewing coffee using an Aeropress is simply put the best, the most fun and the most versatile method of enjoying an amazing cup of coffee. No grit. Simply a clean cup of coffee.
Elizabeth Furth - Coffee Mumbo Jumbo

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Best ever!
This Aeropress was bought as a present for my husband. He loves his coffee and has had many different coffee makers. He said this was the best one he has ever had! It was the best thing I could have bought him! I was very impressed at how easy it was to use and clean. I chose the Java jampit coffee which he said was beautiful! Best Buy ever!
Aerobie Aeropress
The Aerobie Aeropress is a brilliant product in every way. It is very easy to use, simple to clean, small and neat so perfect for my tiny kitchen but most important of all makes an excellent cup of coffee. I have bought one for my daughter and son-in-law and they are both delighted too.
Top marks for the Aeropress.

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