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The Ebor  Blend

The Ebor Coffee Blend

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Flavour Notes

Stone Fruits - Chocolate - Caramel

This popular blend is made from three exceptional coffees...

GuatemalaAlmond - Milk Chocolate
Malawi Plum - Gooseberry - Butterscotch
Kenya Bora - Blackcurrants - Buttery Caramel

The combination is superb and we're sure you'll love this delightfully deep, smooth and rich blend.


We're really proud of this delicious blend so we needed a fitting name. What better than the Roman name for York: Eboracum, or Ebor for short.


Flavour Profiles Chocolate, Citrus & Lemon, Nutty, Sweet
Roast Profile This blend only works if each single origin is roasting separately to it's own profile. The Guatamalan need to be roasted medium so as to preserve the fantastic zesty notes and Milk Chocolate character. The Malawi is delicate and roasted light/medium so as to offer it's bright intensity and the Papua New Guinea roasted to medium/dark to bring out those deep mocha flavours and hint of walnuts..
Cupping Notes 1. Acidity - Refined, soft & gentle but there with a little Tangerine zest. 2. Sweetness - Medium sweetness that works really well with the zest. 3. Body - Smooth & creamy cradles the mouth. 4. Balance - great balance of flavours, moves nicely from sweet, to mild acidity to dark cocoa & a wonderfully pleasant after-taste. 5. Character - Smooth, deep & intense. As an espresso sweet & zesty with dark cocoa notes & a delicious after-taste that lingers nicely. In the cafetiere a little less zest and the mocha hits later. This blend works superbly with milk where an intense buttery creamy praline loveliness works hand in hand with the coffee flavours to delivery an addictive cup. This Blend combines one foot in the present with it's bright zesty notes & one foot in the past with deep complex mocha, cocoa & praline.
Origin Notes We chose a Roman name based on our Yorkist Roman heritage, however we are aware that the Romans never visited Guatamala, Malawi or Papua New Guinea!


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Lovely blend - smooth and rich
This is a lovely blend. Smooth and rich, and the stone fruit flavours come through.
Good all-rounder
This was my first try of a blended coffee. I found it to be fairly smooth with a well rounded taste. Maybe wouldn't be something I'd drink first thing in a morning, but a perfect coffee for the rest of the day.

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