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Indonesia Buana Mandiri Coffee

Indonesia Buana Mandiri Coffee

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Indonesia Buana Mandiri coffee is both Fairtrade and Organic certified.


Flavour Notes

Dark chocolate - baking spices - dried fruit


Not all of the thousands of islands that form the Indonesian archipelago have the right conditions for growing coffee, but Sumatra is one of the few that does. Following early success with planting coffee in Java at the beginning of the 18th century, coffee was then introduced to Sumatra.

Buana Mandiri is produced in the area surrounding the village of Pondok Ulung, by 1,009 smallholder farming families who belong to the co-op. As is common in Sumatra, the farmers who grow coffee is this region have very small pieces of farm land, with each owning less than 1 hectare. On these farms, pulp is the main source of fertilizer and animals are generally fed with vegetation and tree leaves, that also serve as shade for coffee trees. During the coffee off-season, farmers grow other farm products such as chilli and yam to support their families. 

Sumatran coffees are mainly processed using a unique semi-washed method, which is sometimes described as “wet-hulled”, known locally as Giling Basah. In this process the coffee is picked, machine pulped (usually on the individual smallholding) and then partly sun dried. The parchment is then removed revealing a whitish coloured, swollen green bean. The drying is then completed on the patio where the seed quickly turns a dark green colour, unique to Sumatra. This method brings about more body and often more of the character that makes Indonesian coffees so unique. Another common term in the Sumatran preparation is Double Picking (DP) which means that beans are hand-picked twice for defects so as to obtain an exportable product with maximum 11 defects. 

Buana Mandiri is both Fairtrade and Organic certified.

Location: Pondok Ulung, Bener Meriah, Aceh

Altitude: 1200 - 1500 masl

Processing: Semi-washed / wet-hulled

Varietal: P88 & Bourbon


Flavour Profiles Chocolate, Plum & Berries, Spicy
Origin Notes

Region - Pondok Ulung, Bener Meriah, Aceh

Variety - P88 & Bourbon

Altitude - 1200 - 1500 masl

Process - Semi-washed


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