AeroPress Coffee Selection Pack

AeroPress Coffee Selection Pack

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The fabulous Aerobie AeroPress deserves incredible coffees to go with it - try ours now!


The fabulous Aerobie AeroPress deserves incredible coffees to go with it.

Our AeroPress Coffee Selection Pack includes five 200g bags of coffee. After careful consideration we've crafted this Selection Pack featuring five fantastic coffees ideal for the AeroPress:

Choose whole beans or Aeropress grind for use with your AeroPress.

These are five AeroMazing coffees we hope you will love as much as we do.

Seasonal changes may result in selection pack coffees changing without notice. We endeavour to replace any out of stock coffee with the closest match we have.


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An excellent selection!
My wife and I have been working our way round the various mail order coffee companies in the UK trying to discover some standout coffees that pair well with our beloved Aeropress. We spotted this selection pack and thought it'd be a sensible first purchase from York Coffee Emporium.

York Coffee Emporium's flavour notes are spot on and really helpful. I like my coffees on the dark, chocolately, smokey side rather than bright and citrussy, and I'm delighted to report that two of the coffees that I had high hopes for in this selection are now among my personal favourites!

The Nicaragua Finca El Bosque is absolutely delicious, and it really does have a delicious buttery, chocolatey finish that makes every sip a satisfying experience.

The other revelation for me was the Tunki; it's delightful black, but one interesting thing to note is that with frothed milk and a touch of sugar it is strongly reminiscent of the flavour of Terry's Chocolate Oranges!

The Ninth Blend and Pango Pango didn't wow me like the two above, and I don't think I'd buy either again, but I can see how someone looking for a smooth, uncomplicated brew might like the Ninth as an everyday blend, and those seeking citrus notes might love the Pango Pango. I just felt the flavours weren't as complex or satisfying as those others for my palate.

Overall, if you own an Aeropress and haven't ordered from York Coffee Emporium before I don't think you can go wrong with this pack!
Amazing Coffee!
A great selection of amazing flavours, I've now found my favourites! The whole beans ground perfectly for an Aeropress :)

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