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Cuban Serrano Lavado Coffee

Cuban Serrano Lavado Coffee

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An incredible cup with deep dark chocolate, walnut, tobacco - perfect if you love a proper cup of coffee!


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Flavour Notes

Dark Chocolate - Walnut - Tobacco


For over 200 years, Cuba has grown the finest varieties of coffee beans and has perfected the growing and processing techniques to bring out the now-famous Cuban coffee flavour. Every batch can be traced to a single plant introduced by Jose Antonio Gelabert in 1748, and the methods of cultivation have changed little in the years since.


Flavour Profiles Buttery, Nutty, Smokey
Roast Profile We roast this medium/dark as the beans can take it without any impact on the flavours. This also helps the coffee to combine well with milk. A simple bean to roast, all stages of the roasting profile are well defined and easy to identify and manage.
Cupping Notes 1. Acidity - very low almost non existant. 2. Sweetness - moderate sweetness, that works well with the other flavours 3. Body - Good body, cradles the tongue it's also a little edgey. 4. Balance - If you like lower acidic traditional strong coffees this is for you, great Mocha and no bitterness 5. Character - an intense coffee with a lingering mocha/nutty/smokey after-taste . Great with milk. This is a superb moorish coffee and is lovely in the cafetiere/aeropress, or drip filter. You'll just keep drinking mug after mug!
Origin Notes The first coffee plantation appeared in Cuba in 1748. But the bigger cultivation started in 1789 by thousands of French coffee farmers that had to escape from the armed slave revolt in Haiti. Those farmers established wide knowledge about farming and processing in matter of coffee. The French coffee farmers grew coffee in Sierra Maestra. The climatic condition and the soil composition were ideal for coffee plantation and allowed an intensive development for coffee farming. Aprox 500,000 acres are planted with coffee in Cuba. Mainly operations are from small farmers, small holders but also some larger Goverment - Co-operatives. Mainly Typica variety planted, with the vast majority of the crop coming from the East - Sierra Maestra. Harvest usually takes place during October with shipments available Dec/Jan earliest.


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Scrumptious and rich Cuban coffee
After struggling for years to find a good source of Cuban coffee I am so glad I found The York Coffee Emporium. This magnificent coffee is my absolute favourite - smooth and nutty. It tastes divine. I highly recommend and will be back for more very soon!
Smooth tasting
A really good coffee. First I tried from York coffee and was not disappointed. Very smooth and lovely nutty almost smokey body.

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