Island Coffee Beans

The Dominican Republic has produced coffee for several centuries and their beans fit the ‘Island Coffee’ profile of soft and mild very well. It’s a good choice if you like the clean taste of Central American coffees and our Dominican Republic Cibao bean is a rich, dark, soft and sweet flavour, without the bitterness many dark roast coffees can have. Sublime!

Cuba is famous for more than just cigars! It has been producing coffee beans since 1748 and has perfected its own distinctive flavour. The island produces arabica and robusta beans, most of which come from the Sierra Maestra mountain area. Our choice of Serrano Superior gives a rich, smooth, dark taste perfect for a morning espresso.

Australian Coffee beans are soft, sweet, buttery and smooth, with a very similar flavour profile to ‘Island Coffee’. Generally mild, Australian coffee is farmed all the way from Lismore in New South Wales to Cape York in the far north of Queensland where the huge Skybury plantation can be found. Skybury is a fabulous example of a great Australian bean and is ideal for the perfect Flat White.

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    Cuban Serrano Lavado Coffee

    Cuban Serrano Lavado Coffee

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    **Due to the continuing US embargo on Cuban goods you are unable to purchase this product via PayPal. Please note this applies if you buy the product individually or as part of a larger order. If your order includes this coffee you will need to complete your purchase via our secure Sage Pay method.**


    Coffee from Cuba is typically clean tasting and medium to full-bodied with a lush smoky flavour. The Serrano is a superb rich and traditional full-bodied coffee. With a great Mocha hit and little or no fruity acidity you can savour the nuttiness of this coffee. There is a background smokiness that can be attributed to sandalwood or tobacco, making a divine espresso or a great morning coffee.


    For over 200 years, Cuba has grown the finest varieties of coffee beans and has perfected the growing and processing techniques to bring out the now-famous Cuban coffee flavour. Every batch can be traced to a single plant introduced by Jose Antonio Gelabert in 1748, and the methods of cultivation have changed little in the years since.

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    Indonesia & Asia Coffee Selection Pack

    Indonesia & Asia Coffee Selection Pack

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    We've picked the best of our Indonesian and Asian coffees to make this delicious selection pack.

    This selection pack includes 5 x 200g bags of coffee:

    • Sulawesi Pango Pango: - Soft, sweet notes of toffee and molasses and bursts of subtle, sweet lemon make this one of the finest new arrivals to the Roastery.
    • Vietnam Arabica: - Strong & acidic with good body, delivering spice and a little dryness
    • Sumatran Gegarang: - A deep and full bodied with a tangerine sweetness layered with heavy chocolate
    • Papua New Guinea Kunjin: - The flavours burst with succulent damsons with a brilliant cola cube body and an underlying pink lady apple acidity.
    • Java Jampit: - This Java government estate coffee has deep, rich dark cocoa tones leading to woody creaminess and the medium dark roast brings out a little spice.

    Choose whole bean or the grind of your choice.

    Seasonal changes may result in selection pack coffees changing without notice. We endeavour to replace any out of stock coffee with the closest match we have.

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