Decaffeinated Coffee Beans & Gourmet Decaf Coffee

At York Coffee Emporium, we believe that just because you drink decaffeinated coffee, you shouldn’t have to compromise on flavour! To give you the best quality product we ensure that our decaf coffee is always freshly roasted.

We select and stock decaffeinated coffee beans that have been processed using the CO2 or Swiss water process that avoids the use of potential harmful chemicals. We believe that roasting the best decaf coffee beans correctly can produce a fantastic cup for those who want a coffee hit without the effects of caffeine - the perfect cup of gourmet decaf coffee!

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  1. Decaffeinated Coffee Blend

    Decaffeinated Coffee Blend

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    This is a great-tasting decaffeinated coffee, sweet, bright and smooth with a lively cocoa after-taste.


    A blend of two superb Central American decaffeinated coffees, Peruvian McM and Honduras SHG, this coffee is CO2-processed to remove the caffeine.

  2. Limited Edition Speciality
    Ethiopia Yirgacheffe Kana Sparkling Water Decaffeinated Coffee

    Ethiopia Yirgacheffe Kana Sparkling Water Decaffeinated Coffee

    Earn £0.30
    Ethiopia Yirgacheffe Kana Decaffeinated Coffee - if you didn’t know it was decaffeinated you really wouldn't be able to tell!

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