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Coffee is our passion and we are equally passionate about selling gourmet coffee beans online. We source only the finest green coffees from around the world, from the aromatic, citrus Central & South American mild coffees to the complex spicy Arabica coffee beans from Asia to the creamy, full bodied island coffees of the Pacific Rim and the fragrant, fruity & sharp specials of Africa. All our green coffees are lovingly small batch roasted here in York, we do not contract out our roasting to large corporations!

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  1. Shipping Included
    2 Bag Fortnightly Coffee Subscription

    2 Bag Fortnightly Coffee Subscription

    Earn £0.70

    We are delighted to offer our fortnightly coffee subscription product.

  2. Shipping Included
    2 Bag Monthly Coffee Subscription

    2 Bag Monthly Coffee Subscription

    Earn £0.70

    Monthly subscription.

  3. 6 Months Coffee Subscription Gift

    6 Months Coffee Subscription Gift

    Earn £4.20
    6 Months Coffee Subscription Gift
  4. AeroPress Coffee Selection Pack

    AeroPress Coffee Selection Pack

    Earn £1.10

    The much-loved AeroPress deserves some much-loved coffees to go with it.

    Our AeroPress Coffee Selection Pack includes five 200g bags of coffee. After careful consideration we've crafted this Selection Pack featuring five fantastic coffees ideal for the AeroPress:

    • Peru Tunki - This is a delightfully smooth, full-bodied and complex coffee, with a delicious floral aroma, citrusy orange snap and delicate chocolate flavours. It's superb both black or with milk.
    • Nicaragua La Argentina RFA - Beautiful lemonade sweetness meets a delicious chocolate body, with a juicy orange after-taste.
    • Ninth Blend - This coffee has a bright sweetness, dark chocolate richness and a tangerine/honey finish.
    • Malawi Makoka Valley - Bright, with delicious plum, white wine notes. It's a bit like a Yirgacheffe but with pine nuts.
    • Sulawesi Pango Pango - A succulent, long lasting body carries with it the soft, sweet notes of toffee and molasses and bursts of subtle, sweet lemon.
    • See the website for more details of each coffee.

    Choose whole beans or Aeropress grind for use with your AeroPress.

    These are five AeroMazing coffees we hope you will love as much as we do.

    Seasonal changes may result in selection pack coffees changing without notice. We endeavour to replace any out of stock coffee with the closest match we have.

  5. African Coffee Selection Pack

    African Coffee Selection Pack

    Earn £1.10

    If you love fragrant, sharp and fruity coffees then this is definitely the selection pack for you. We've chosen five 200g bags of our favourite African coffees, all with deliciously complex flavours and citrusy/acidic finishes.

    • Ethiopian Kaffa Forest Estate : Lovely floral notes, delicious juicy apricot, forest honey and tongue-hugging caramel.
    • Burundi Gihere Light Roast: The light roast brings out truly floral flavours, with a background reminiscent of lemons and garden peas
    • Rwandan Gikomero: soft, rich and full flavours with 'grassy tropical notes
    • Malawi Makoka Valley: bright, with delicious plum & white wine notes, bit like a Yirgacheffe but with pine nuts
    • Fairtrade Ethiopian Sidamo: deep, spice and wine or chocolate-like taste and floral aroma

    Choose whole bean or the grind of your choice.

    Seasonal changes may result in selection pack coffees changing without notice. We endeavour to replace any out of stock coffee with the closest match we have.

  6. After Dinner Espresso Coffee Blend

    After Dinner Espresso Coffee Blend

    Earn £0.20
    This is a satisfying blend of 50% Peruvian and Honduras decaffeinated beans and 50% Columbian with caffeine. It is ideal as an after dinner coffee as it offers a full-bodied and rich taste with less of a buzz.
  7. Organic Speciality
    Bolivia Organic Coroico Villa Asunsion Coffee

    Bolivia Organic Coroico Villa Asunsion Coffee

    Earn £0.35






    Coroico is situated just 1.5 hours away from La Paz (the capital and highest city) and the Altiplano, but it has a completely different climate and vegetation. At an altitude of 1700 metres, in this area of the Northern Yungas, vegetation is abundant, its bio diversity is beautiful and the climate is warm during the day and cold and foggy during the night and early morning. Coroico was a very important coffee region in the 90s but now only a handful of families continue to produce coffee here. Many Families have since moved from coffee production to cultivate other crops, largely coca. Villa Asunsion is a 15 hectare farm in Coroico where coffee is grown on a small separate, 2-3 hectare plot, alongside coca, citrus fruits, papaya, mangos, bananas and stevia. None of the farming at Villa Asunsion is performed with the use of fertilisers or chemicals. Coffee at Villa Asunsion is grown up to 1900 masl in native shade. Varieties are Caturra and Typica, with cherries ripening both red and yellow in colour. Once harvested, coffee is washed, soaked for 18 hours before being dried on raised beds.

  8. NEW RFA
    Brazil Fazenda Alta Vista Coffee

    Brazil Fazenda Alta Vista Coffee

    Earn £0.25


    Carmo Coffee is moving away from using demucilaginators for pulped natural coffees. Prior to 2016, a coffee would be pulped, then sent through a demucilaginator to remove some mucilage, and then dried.

    Now they are doing most "pulped natural" coffees as "honeys" and calling them honey. They are pulping, then going right to the patio. In addition to water savings, the resulting profile is a bit fruitier and sweeter profile that they feel ultimately will last longer for shelf life.




    Location: Minas Gerais
    Vale De Lua
     1016-1290 masl

  9. Brazil Santos  Sc 17-18 Coffee

    Brazil Santos Sc 17-18 Coffee

    Earn £0.15


    A classic Brazilian coffee, sweet, smooth, subtle yet extremely pleasant. Especially delicious in an aeropress.


    Santos is the most traditional Brazilian coffee and has been dried inside the fruit (dry-processed) so that some of the sweetness of the fruit carries into the cup. Santos is a market name referring to the port through which these coffees are traditionally shipped.

    Brazil is the world's largest coffee producer and also the most complex, delivering mass produced coffees that rank among the world's cheapest to elegant coffees prized as the world's finest origins for espresso brewing. Brazil's internal consumption of coffee is also increasing and is expected to overtake that of the USA (The current largest world consumer) in the next few years.

  10. Limited Edition
    Burundi Kinyovu IWCA Dark Roast Coffee

    Burundi Kinyovu IWCA Dark Roast Coffee

    Earn £0.25



    Burundi isn't new to coffee production. The Belgians originally planted coffee here in the 1960s and the practise in this landlocked country has continued to this day. The country invests a great deal in its coffee production and with World Bank funding it has been able to build around 140 washing stations. As a result of continuing privatisation, the Burundi people themselves are getting a piece of the industry with 800,000 families owning their own lots.

    Sourced from the Kinyovu washing station near the province Kayanza, Burundi, this lot was produced by some of the Burundi chapter women from the International Women’s Coffee Association, the first African chapter of IWCA to become a legally recognised entity.

    The Burundi chapter of the IWCA began with a group of eight women representing each of Burundi's coffee growing regions, transportation, exportation and coffee quality. The IWCA provides access to business opportunities in the coffee industry, as well as social, economic and political empowerment for women in coffee communities around the world.



    LLocation:      Kayanza Province, Burundi
    Altitude:         1880 masl
    Processing:   Washed
    Varietal:          Bourbon

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A portfolio of coffee

Our portfolio contains all the great varieties from around the world and in addition you will find some rarities to excite and tantalize your taste buds! When roasting, care is taken to use the optimum roast profile and machine to maximise flavour characteristics of each individual coffee origin. All our coffees are roasted to order ensuring the coffee beans arrive to your door at their peak of condition and taste.

The website enables you to search and buy roasted coffee beans by region, strength or preparation method - treat yourself to a little bit of luxury.