Brazil Fazenda Alta Vista Coffee

Brazil Fazenda Alta Vista Coffee

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Carmo Coffee is moving away from using demucilaginators for pulped natural coffees. Prior to 2016, a coffee would be pulped, then sent through a demucilaginator to remove some mucilage, and then dried.

Now they are doing most "pulped natural" coffees as "honeys" and calling them honey. They are pulping, then going right to the patio. In addition to water savings, the resulting profile is a bit fruitier and sweeter profile that they feel ultimately will last longer for shelf life.




Location: Minas Gerais
Vale De Lua
 1016-1290 masl


Flavour Notes

Caramel - Chocolate - Red Fruits


Robson Vilela first acquired Fazenda Alta Vista in 2001 and initially didn’t plant any seedlings on the farm until 2004. In 2007 they produced their first harvest and Robson speculatively sent a sample to the Cup of Excellence, where the farm achieved 7th place. This gave Robson the knowledge and confidence that Fazenda Alta Vista had the potential to continue to produce excellent coffees. With the money received from the competition, Robson was then able to invest in procedures and quality improvements on the farm. This also allowed him to reward his small workforce with higher wages and invested in their training to help them become more specialised in their roles. This has led to a zero turnover of staff and a continued improvement upon the high benchmark of quality produced each harvest.

On the farm, they have also planted banana plants between the coffee plants, which helps to improve the soil as well provide shade for the coffee and some additional food for the farm workers.

Location: Christina Mantiqueira, Minas Gerais

Owner: Robson Vilela

Processing: Honey

Altitude: 1016 - 1290 masl


Flavour Profiles Buttery, Caramel, Chocolate
Cupping Notes

1. Acidity - Well balanced, mild & pleasing.

2. Sweetness - very well developed sweetness

3. Body - Medium body, smooth.

4. Balance - At this roast it's just right, sweet & fruity with lingering cocoa.

5. Character - a bright sweet melt in the mouth coffee, delicious plum & berry with a divine cocoa after taste.

Origin Notes

Location: Christina Mantiqueira, Minas Gerais

Owner: Robson Vilela

Altitude: 1016-1290 masl

Processing: Honey


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