Try our fantastic new coffee blend at Filmore & Union

When Filmore & Union asked us to create a signature blend for their business, we knew it would be a tough assignment. We were dealing with coffee lovers who knew what they liked and knew what they wanted. They set us the brief to come up with a complex and unique coffee blend that is also organic. We love a challenge!

The coffee would have to remain delicious no matter the brewing method, so a blend that would work as an espresso, Americano and also for the milk based coffees like Lattes and Cappuccinos. We knew that the ‘judging panel’ at Filmore & Union all have amazing palates and would be expecting only the highest quality. We were also tasked with making the coffee sweet, slightly fruity with deep and rich Mocha hits - all in all, a tricky brief!

We started out by looking at the organic coffees currently available and had a number of samples delivered from specialist suppliers. We roasted, tasted and re-roasted where necessary to optimise the taste profile of each bean. This eventually gave us around eight single origin coffees that matched our optimum roasting standards. Next step - blending!

Initially we created seven different blends, which we modified in our tasting room over a period of several days. It never ceases to amaze me the unexpected results you can achieve from blending, tasting and reblending. Coffee just doesn’t follow any rules and when you’re expecting deep and sweet, sometimes you can end up with mild and sour!

We ended up with three different blends that we were happy to present to Filmore & Union. Three tasters from their Operations, Food and Barista sections tried these samples with two of the blends making it through their rigorous taste tests for the next phase. They gave us pointers on the taste profile they were wanting these final two blends to achieve.

So, back to the testing it was! We altered the roast of one of the single origin coffees and the origin percentages of each of the blends. Round two of the tasting took place at our Roastery - it was make or break and much to everyone’s delight we nailed it! The blends blew the panel away and they found it difficult to choose between the final two.

Overall, it took more than two weeks of tasting, meeting, re-roasting and blending but the result is a truly fantastic coffee we are all very excited about. We managed to create a blend that is sweet with a little sour cherry developing into an overcoat of a Mocha hit with a delicious lingering dark cocoa aftertaste. Perfect! You can try it at any Filmore & Union cafe in York, Wetherby, Harrogate and York Station.

Filmore and Union at York Station

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