The Jorvik Blend

The last of our blog that will feature the blends we created specifically for The London Coffee Festival. This year’s festival was a joy to be part of, coming together with coffee lovers and roasters alike.

The third of our fantastic new blends - Jorvik (viking for York - though we hope you’d know that).

This is a lightly roasted Scandinavian ‘3rd wave’ style blend (hence where its viking name). Roasting light coffee is no easy thing and many lightly roasted coffees we come across can be too sour or dry and astringent. This blend only works if each single origin is roasting separately to it's own profile and so we roast this coffee with great care to produce a blend we'll sure love if you like this style of coffee.


The Jorvik Blend is made up of:

El Salvador Finca Bosque Lya RFA - A beaut. of a coffee. Fresh and lively yet smooth with hints woody jasmine and apples with a pleasant mild and lingering scrumpy-mocha after-taste.

Malawi Pamwamba AA+ RFA - This AA plus Pamwamba coffee is superb and a little off the wall! Bright, with delicious plum and white wine notes, bit like a Yirgacheff but with pine nuts.

Flavour profile

Citrus and Lemon, Plum and Berries. This fruity acidity dominates and we recommend as an Espresso, Americano or Flat White.


What our customers say:

Afternoon Delight - Sometimes I need a bit of a boost in the afternoon but not the belter of a strong expresso. Jorvik is a just the job as a flat white or Latte, where it delivers a really smooth cup.


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