The Great Tea Debate!

Welcome to the York Coffee Emporium blog. Let’s start with The Great Tea Debate.

We all know coffee’s the thing. It wakes us up in the morning, gets us ready for the day, keeps us going at work, fires our creative juices, gives us an excuse to socialise without alcohol and generally is the meaning to life the universe and everything. Here at YCE we even have an excellent decaffeinated variety that actually tastes like coffee and gives us everything we need from a coffee except the caffeine.
So that, it would seem, should end the debate.

But… what about tea?

It doesn’t wake us up in the morning as effectively as coffee but there are people who advocate a nice cup of tea before the morning hit. And then another in the afternoon. And a relaxing cup of greeny, herbally something before bed. And then there’s the cup of tea for bad news, the cup of tea for bad health, the wrapping of hands round a big mug of tea on a cold, dark day.

Who can deny the impact of a cup of tea presented unexpectedly? I read recently that we Brits will always accept a cup of tea and I laughed in recognition. We’ll say thank you for a milky, sugary, weak one when all we drink is black builders; we’ll be grateful for a black builders in a chipped mug when we only drink herbal from a particular porcelain cup with matching saucer and outstretched little finger. A tea we haven’t had to make ourselves is always accepted gratefully even if it sits untouched and going cold.
We may not have a ceremony like the traditional Japanese art of tea serving but we all have our own routines. Some dunk a bag in a mug and some even add the milk to the hot water before the first curl of tea escapes the bag (bleagh, I say). Some put loose leaves in a pot, wait in anticipation for the optimum infusion time, savour the colour as it pours through the strainer and the smell as the steam rises before finally settling down to relax with a nice cup/mug/favourite receptacle of tea. And a great many of us have a particular colour tea needs to be to be drinkable. Mine is determined by the amount of milk. I don’t mind how weak or strong the tea is just that it has to have one drop of milk. (I usually ask for black, it’s easier). For some people its sugar. Two grains, half a spoon, three spoons but don’t stir it… and so it goes on. And that’s just your ordinary, standard breakfast tea.

Everywhere we drink now has a list of teas nearly as long as its list of coffees. We drink green for the antioxidants; floral, berry and minty ones for the taste and some very specialist ones for reasons only known to ourselves. I have a sister who adores Lapsang Souchong. I don’t get it but that’s the point.
Here at York Coffee Emporium we sell tea. We sell lots of tea. We sell tea for every taste imaginable and it’s all great quality. Our tea comes in loose leaf, pyramid tea bags and we stock teapots, strainers and infusers for optimum taste. Our lovely, soft, pyramid teabags come with tabbed strings for ease of use – and the great news is they have exactly the same quality of leaf tea as you experience in our loose leaf tea option. Next time you’re ordering your coffee how about adding a tea or two and join the great tea debate.

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