The Great Tea Debate - Riverdance Green

For our October tea of the month we have entered the land of green with our Riverdance Green Tea. We have chosen this tea for the month when people are giving up smoking and/or drinking and looking for a lovely cleansing, detox.

Named after the Irish dance group for its energizing qualities and the emerald green colour of the matcha, Riverdance is a low caffeine, high antioxidant blend of three teas. Kenya’s Kapchorua estate, certified by the Ethical Tea Partnership and the Fair Trade organization, provides sturdy, deep green Ejulu leaves. Malawi’s Satemwa estate, first planted in 1923 by Scotsman Maclean Cathcart Kay, produces some of Malawi’s most innovative teas and provides free schooling, medicare and housing for all its staff. It is also certified by the Ethical tea Partnership. Using pure Gyokuro leaves, Izu Matcha contains about 10 times the amount of polyphenols of regular teas and two cups of brewed matcha contain seven times the antioxidants of orange juice and nearly 20g of calcium.

How to…

As with most of our teas, a heaped teaspoon per 200ml of boiling water is recommended with a brewing time of 5-7 minutes. We discovered that it needs a light hand when measuring out as we all preferred this tea weaker rather than stronger. Will immediately said it smelled of camping whilst Lauren liked its earthy smell. It tastes like green tea (which it is) and lingers on the tongue.

This tea comes under the wellness category and sometimes things which are good for us are less than pleasant. However, this tea tastes good whilst doing us good. The blenders who supply it describe this tea as: ‘freshly cut grass and honey, rounded by gentle layers of mossy astringency’. Having tasted the tea we understand what they’re getting at. Slightly less poetically, we describe Riverdance as a refreshing tea which tastes good, and feels cleansing and healthy. Ideal if you are detoxing this month.

It’s not often we all agree on matters of taste but this one did the trick and is definitely worth a try.

Which tea would you like to see us review next? Let us know in the comments below.

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