The Great Tea Debate: It's Oolong Orange Blossom!

                                                 Oolong Orange Blossom Tea

In Victorian England it was said that the scent of orange blossoms could cause anyone to fall in love and we have certainly fallen in love with our Oolong Orange Blossom tea.

Who can resist a tea described as ‘wildly exotic?’ Made from jasmine with dried orange pieces and Ceylon black for some added depth, Oolong Orange Blossom tea is one of our favourites and we introduce it to you as our tea of the month for August.

Stunning as an iced tea, it is ideal for hot summer days, which we will hopefully have plenty more of. Using a heaped teaspoon of tea steeped for five minutes in 170-200ml of boiling water per cup, pour through a strainer over a glass filled with ice, sit back and enjoy. Key to a good iced tea is to brew slightly stronger as the ice dilutes the tea further.

Fret not when the rain is lashing and the wind is howling as our Oolong is beautiful hot as well as iced and can be used about three times. Infuse a slightly heaped teaspoon in freshly boiled water for a minute or longer (topping up until the flavour is exhausted) and then begin enjoying a cup of enchantment. You may think I exaggerate but Oolong Orange Blossom is a delight to the senses. Its golden amber colour hints at jewels and opulence and the scents of jasmine blossom and orange intertwine enticingly. The taste is a delicate mix of floral fruitiness and offers a moment of true time out.

Try it out and let us know what you think in the comments below.

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