The Ebor Blend

A new year a new blend. This January we’ve created a blend we’re so proud of we named it ‘Ebor’ which translates as ‘York’ in Roman. Though we chose to name this blend a Roman name, based solely on our York/Roman heritage the blend itself features coffees from around the globe.

The Ebor Coffee Blend is made from three exceptional coffees…

Guatemala Huehuetenango SHB - Sweet in aromatics with a fruity start reminiscent of tangerine then peters out to a milk chocolate finish.
Malawi Pamwamba - Bright with delicious Mocha and white wine notes, bit like a Yirgacheff but with more Mocha and pine nuts.
Papua New Guinea - An unusual and wild coffee with intense aroma, medium body delivering dark cocoa notes with a hint of walnuts.

Quick summary -The Ebor Coffee Blend starts off with a little sweetness and tangerine like citrus, then it grabs your tongue with an intense Mocha-cocoa hit leaving a delicious lingering after-taste.The combination is superb and we're sure you'll love it; delightfully deep, smooth and rich.

Flavour Profiles

Nutty, Sweet, Chocolate, Citrus & Lemon.

Roast Profile

This blend only works if each single origin is roasting separately to it's own profile. The Guatamalan need to be roasted medium so as to preserve the fantastic zesty notes and Milk Chocolate character. The Malawi is delicate and roasted light/medium so as to offer it's bright intensity and the Papua New Guinea roasted to medium/dark to bring out those deep mocha flavours and hint of walnuts..

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