Tasting notes Skybury

Well I've roasted and tasted all the new coffees this week and can report that the quality is superb.

Top of the tree is the Australian Skybury - butter cream, smooth and rounded superb coffee and cocoa taste, one of the best coffees I've tasted in a while. If you'd like a real treat and can stretch to it I'd really recommend it.

Close runners up are the Cuban Serrano and Dominican Republic Constanza. The Cuban is full bodied, nutty with 5 spice and cocoa bitterness. The Constanza, a typical island coffee, is reminiscent of the Skybury but much cheaper.

The new Kenyan AA is superb red fruit with flavoursome acidity and ending with a cocoa after-taste. Kenyan coffees have jumped in price due to demand and lower than expected production levels but I really think this batch is absolutely worth the price.

Finally the Sumatran Lingtong, for me a great after dinner coffee, earthy, punchy with chocolate and a brighter taste than the brooding Java a joy to drink with milk.

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