Summer Ahoy!

Just because the weather has warmed up, it doesn't mean you can't still have your caffeine fix! Coffee is delicious when drunk iced too, and certain coffees suit certain types of cold brewing better. Have a read of our iced coffee recipes and tips here, and try for yourself!

Iced Filter Coffee

If you like your coffee pure and unadulterated, an iced pourover filter is the best option for you. Served over ice, with just a touch of sugar or vanilla, your best coffee origins for this type of brew method are lighter roasts with sweeter tones, such as Nicaraguan, Brazilian or those with a natural fruitiness such as Ethiopians or Kenyans.

To make this coffee, all you need is a filter cone, tall glass, lashings of ice, and the coffee! So simple.


  • 1 x 12 oz glass
  • 1 x filter cone and paper
  • 20g coffee ground for filter
  • Ice
  • A dash of sugar, honey or vanilla syrup to taste

Start by chilling your glass and then filling with ice. Set your filter cone with paper and coffee inside and pour over off the boil water. Wait for coffee to crew. Top up with more ice, stir, and add sweetener to taste.

Iced Latte

The iced latte is a popular iced beverage as it hints of a milkshake but still allows for the caffeine hit. You can make this in a number of ways, but this is my favourite recipe. Ideal coffees for iced latte are ones which blend well with milk and are medium to dark roasted, such as Guatemalan, Australian Skybury or Cubans.


  • 1 x 16oz milkshake glass
  • Semi skimmed milk
  • 1 x shot espresso (or a double, if you prefer)
  • Lots of ice
  • 1 x scoop soft, good quality vanilla ice cream
  • A long straw and spoon!

Take your chilled glass and fill with ice. Pour your espresso over the ice, and top with ice cold milk to about an inch below the rim of the glass. Stir with the spoon. Then take a generous scoop of soft ice cream and plop into the glass. Enjoy!

Hint - Only use good quality soft serve ice cream, avoid synthetic hard ice cream. Preferably make your own, or buy from your local ice cream maker!


If you are lucky enough to own a good quality blender, you can make a superb iced coffee frappe at home quickly and easily! With frappes, the trick is to experiment! You can add whatever flavours you want by changing the ice cream and syrup flavour. Try a vanilla hazelnut frappe, or a caramel toffee flavour!

Blended coffees are particularly good here, as the flavours of the syrup and ice cream will overpower the flavour of single origin coffees. So providing you choose a medium dark roast, like the African Blend or our Classic House blend you will be onto a winner!

Syrup flavour is equally as important here, and the better the range the more frappes you can invent! Try Sweetbird ( for great choice and excellent quality syrups, which you can save and use in your flavoured lattes come winter, too!


  • 1 x good quality blender capable of crushing ice
  • 1 x 16oz cup
  • 1 or 2 shot espresso ( to taste)
  • Ice
  • Milk
  • 1 x scoop your choice of ice cream flavour
  • 3 x pumps coffee syrup in your choice of flavour
  • Whipped cream

Chill the glass. Pour all ingredients into the blender, put the lid on, and blend! Top with either freshly whipped cream or squirty cream, and a sprinkle of chocolate for extra luxury!


Is it a pudding, is it a drink? Who knows? Who cares? All I know, its one awesome hybrid. A traditional Italian dessert, this is ideal for a summer dinner party dessert. Its simply, easy and relies on good quality ice cream, coffee, and being served immediately!

For your espresso, choose a full bodied, rich and strong origin, such as a Java or Island coffee, such as Dominican Republic. Brew off in a Moka pot or an espresso machine (absolutely no filter or cafetiere coffee allowed), and make sure the coffee is piping hot when served.

For the ice cream, again a good quality dairy ice cream is crucial. Softer ice cream or gelato is ideal due to its creamy nature which really complements the bitterness of the espresso, but if you cant find gelato make sure you choose something like a Haagan Daaz. This is not for the dieter.


  • One generous scoop of vanilla ice cream
  • A generous double shot of espresso
  • A bowl

Scoop the ice cream into the bowl, and pour the espresso over. Serve immediately, with a wafer to garnish.

Variants - You can choose different ice cream flavours for variety here, but stick to rich, nutty flavours, like hazelnut, caramel, pistachio. Avoid fruity flavours, as they will taste sickly.

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