Our favourite breakfast coffees

Every different time of the day, and every different occasion calls for a specific coffee hit - at least it does if you’re a true coffee connoisseur. And the first coffee of the day is arguably the most important. If you’re looking for just the right blend or bean to start your morning off right, then you may just get some inspiration from some of our favourites.

Firstly, what kind of morning person are you? Do you need a really strong coffee hit first thing just to get you motivated enough to go to work? Or are you looking for a milder coffee to gently coax you out of your cocoon of sleep?

Once you’ve decided that, have a think about the different brewing methods - these have a big impact on taste. For example, the Brazilian Fazenda gives a pleasant, sweet and mild mocha taste when made in a cafetiere, but gives a much deeper mocha and sour cherry buzz when made in an AeroPress or an espresso machine.

The perfect morning coffee for a gentle start to the day

If you’re looking for a rather more gentle start to the day, you could try a South American blend that gives a sweet and subtle taste or one of our single origin beans that is gentler on the palate. Choose from Mexican Muxbal, Brazilian Fazenda, Guatemalan Huehuetenango or our Perú Tunki.

Looking for a strong morning coffee?

On the other hand, if you need an instant hit to give you some morning stimulus, try our Excelso or four-bean blend. These are brewed for strength and will give you a direct hit of caffeine when you need it the most, while not compromising on taste and flavour. If you’re after a single origin, then go for a Java or African - just up the dose a little to match the taste you’re after. Try the Ethiopian Kaffa or Monsoon Malabar - you’ll either love it or hate it!

The perfect accompaniment to the most important meal of the day

It’s always nice to match your coffee to the food you’re eating at breakfast time. Our fruity Malawi Pamwamba goes really well with muesli and yoghurt, which bring out the plummy fruitiness of the coffee. If you’re more into a pastry for breakfast, then try our South/Central American coffees. Don’t be afraid to dunk that croissant or Danish pastry, it’s absolutely delicious. If your breakfast is meat-heavy then offset it with a strong coffee - something like the Kaffa Forest or Java, which hold up well on the palate and complement your bacon sandwich, rather than getting lost in the salty flavour.

However you like to start your day, we’re confident that you’ll find a coffee to help you get on the right track at York Coffee Emporium!

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