Monsoon Malabar extraordinary Indian Coffee

A well known coffee due to it's unusual processing method and distinctive flavour, you either love or hate it!

Monsooned Malabar coffee refers to Indian beans which have been picked, dried, then left to age in open huts against the monsoon season Indian weather. The result is a distinctive yellow coloured bean, and smoky, moist, cigar, earthy flavours added to an already pretty earthy and smoky bean.

To begin with I tried a light to medium roast profile and the notes were dominated by the crazy flavours of earth, cigars, and a slight sweetness but with an overriding 'fermented' characteristic which brings all the flavours together. Roasted longer a more mysterious dark profile comes to the fore with black pepper, spice, smoke and more bitterness and dryness.

Usually brewed up in cafetiere or filter, Monsoon Malabar coffee can provide a totally wacky espresso shot, and is a fantastic "experience" coffee, whilst not an everyday drink for most. I will be experimenting with some blending of this unusual bean in the coming weeks and will write up my findings. It's a good coffe to try if you like a deep coffee flavour and it works very well with milk based drinks.

To try some go to: Our Monsoon Malabar Coffee Beans page

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