Malawi Pamwamba AA Plus Tasting Notes

We took delivery of this unusual coffee, Malawi Pamwamba AA Coffee Beans, last week as we're keen to build our African coffee stocks. African coffee is renowned for their distinctiveness and flavoursome profiles.

We roasted this to light-medium to maintain as much flavour as possible in the coffee and even at this roast profile the beans came out the colour of dark chestnuts - lovely!

Malawi coffee is well known for its full bodied, soft and rich flavour with a fruity aroma and medium acidity. So to the results!

Firstly the fragrance - lovely strong fruity smell from the beans, almost like a fruity Kenyan. Once brewed the aroma was delicious and tempting, we picked up plums and berries in the coffee mix.

The taste was quite off the wall, it builds like a good quality Kenyan coffee with a bright, clear and strong flavour but in the background the fruity acidity then develops - a taste a bit like a white wine and pine nut pesto!?!

If you want to try something different this is it, great in a cafetiere, Aeropress or as an espresso, a mid afternoon or after dinner coffee that would go incredibly well with a fruit pudding!

You can buy Malawi Pamwamba AA coffee beans online at York Coffee Emporium

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