A little pick me up - hot drinks in the workplace

Keeping people happy can be as simple as allowing them the blissful comfort of a hot drink. Recent research has shown that the old school methods of keeping employees satisfied and rewarded at work have become rather dated. Progressive companies have been trailing new ways to reinforce that employees are a valuable member of their company. In the past companies have found different ways to warm their employees hearts with methods such as providing partially subsided vending machines, but this has run its course. Expectations of taste and quality are much higher now and that's where coffee and tea comes in.

In recent years, hot drinks have become an expected perk in most workplaces and with good reason. Research has show that the supplying of coffee to employees enhances levels of happiness, productivity, social interaction, and creativity. Free coffee and tea can certainly be a perk for any job but it also goes a little bit further. This small gesture is truly important in reiterating the company's desire to reward each worker on a more consistent basis.

‘As a Law Firm in the professional sector we provide a creative, friendly, ethical and supportive working environment. We are a firm that is committed to investment in its people and encourages flexibility, trust, openness and respect for each other. Part of our investment in our staff is providing them with quality refreshments. York Coffee Emporium supply coffee to our Leeds office which is available to all members of staff, clients and visitors alike. As well as boosting morale by providing a good quality cup of coffee to our staff, our clients appreciate a ‘real’ cup of coffee when visiting the office.

Providing good coffee at work is probably one of the most important factors to consider in today’s hectic world and the coffee from York Coffee Emporium certainly ticks all the right boxes as far as we are concerned.’

So if the consistency is right, then the coffee and tea has to be! We're not talking about instant coffee and red label tea bags to keep office morale up. Here at York Coffee Emporium we supply our gourmet coffees and teas to a number of businesses. By supplying your workers with high quality coffee you can save them a trip to a local chain store and instead invite them to drink great tasting coffee in the comfort and company of those in the office.

Coffee Clubs in the workplace

Here at York Coffee Emporium we have even supplied a company we roast for with their own company blend and each month send a variety of different blends and single origins with tasting notes. This goes down a storm! Coffee clubs such as this one are a really great way to keep the supply new and enticing. Employees can enjoy indulging in new coffees and employers are happy to receive them at discount prices!

York Coffee Emporium supply companies with high end coffee with great results:

“I am particularly picky about my coffee, and have been really impressed with the taste & range offered by Coffee Emporium.”

“I find the coffee from Coffee Emporium far superior,very smooth, roasted to the right level and the right grind.”

“It’s very easy to order, nothing is too much trouble and it’s possible to try new blends on a regular basis” - Happy employees at MooD International

A small, affordable gesture that really goes a long way. Staff can appreciate their company's efforts with every cup of tea or coffee made and consumed.

If you're interested in implementing great quality coffee and tea into your workplace then please get in touch!. We would love to discuss the prospect, you can save plenty of time and money with reoccurring orders

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