Guatamalan tasting notes

This week I roasted and cupped a new Guatemalan Strictly High Grown (SHG) bean from the Huehuetenango region. I personally love central American coffee and really enjoyed this session.

The green beans come beautifully clean and uniform from the decorative jute sack and are a lovely deep shade of green (Guatemala has really worked hard on its quality).

They were roasted medium plus (to enable a good taste profile when served with or without milk)

The fragrance is sweet with floral and fruit notes shifting to a mildly chocolate aromatic base with dark honey sweetness.

Cup flavours are mild, well balanced and you do get surprisingly good body from the longer roast with an aftertaste that is lingering and pleasant.

Choose this coffee if you like fine aromatics, and a more delicate well balanced cup. Don't expect a smack on the cheek from this coffee, more likely tastes that develops and evolves across you palette - It's superb.

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