Free coffee with your Aeropress!

If you haven’t tried an Aerobie Aeropress yet, now’s your chance to bag a bargain. The Aeropress has become an absolute must for coffee lovers who want a quick, clean, simple way to make a proper cup of coffee conveniently.

Fuss-free, easy to use and guaranteed to brew the best cup of coffee in seconds, it’s a marvel of a product and one of our favourites here at York Coffee Emporium. We want everyone to try it out!

The Aeropress has built up a loyal following and there are positive reviews all over the place. And we’ve made it even better by offering a free 200g bag of coffee when you buy an Aerobie Aeropress from us - an absolute bargain for £24!

Choose from Rwandan Inzovu AA, Roaster’s Choice, Elk Hill Indian Estate, Emporium Excelso Blend and Java Jampit Estate and discover the wonders of an Aeropress for yourself!

We also have a helpful guide to help you make the perfect cup of Aeropress coffee.

Get your Aeropress with free bag of coffee here.


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