Free coffee with the NEW Impress Coffee Brewer

Introducing the Impress Coffee Maker - the latest gadget to boast an excellent brew in just a few simple steps.

The new and innovative Impress Coffee Brewer delivers delicious coffee, one cup at a time. There's no waste or hassle of paper filters, electric mechanisms or fussy plungers - just great coffee.

What makes this new gadget different from the others?
It’s both the press and a travel mug for you to take with you. It's a portable french press mug with some really clever features. Tiny micro-filter holes stop water flow (and the brewing) after pressing. Grounds stay below the coffee rather than in it! Three layers of insulation means that the coffee stays hot without being too warm to grip.


- Durability - it’s made of stainless steel and silicone.
- Keeps drink hot.
- Easy to clean - simply knock out the grounds and rinse before your next cup!
- Doesn’t overbrew - tiny micro-filter holes stop water flow (and the brewing) after pressing.
- You can take it with you.

The perfect coffee grind for this new brewer is cafetiere. Buy your Impress Coffee Brewer today and get a FREE 200g bag of coffee roasted by us here at YCE. Coffees available are roaster choice (we'll happily pick for you!), Elk Hill Indian Estate Coffee Emporium Excelso, Rwandan Inzovu AA and Java Blawan.

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