Five fine new coffees to give your tastebuds joy

We’ve been busy doing our very favourite thing - sourcing new coffee beans for our customers to wrap their coffee-loving tongues around.

Check out our brand new selection below and don’t forget to let us know your thoughts when you’ve tried them - we’re always keen to find out whether our choices have hit the mark with our customers (we’re pretty sure they will!).

The latest batch of new additions includes a selection of organic coffees and Fairtrade coffees.

Brazil Organic Fazenda Nossa Senhora Fatima de Carrado coffee

This superb and uniquely delicious organic coffee is processed in Brazil in the ‘pulped natural’ way, which means it misses out the fermentation stage. This gives a coffee that’s rather sweeter than wet-processed coffees and has some of the body of a dry-processed coffee. Brazil made this method famous and produces some of the best pulped natural coffees in the world. This particular coffee is sweet and complex - you can expect cocoa, plum and berry notes.

Perfect for: an espresso, aeropress or cafetiere - £4.75 for a 200g bag

Colombian Villa Esperanza RFA & UTZ coffee

Both Rainforest Alliance (RFA) and UTZ certified (UTZ certified farmers are provided with education, tools and information so they can negotiate a better price for their coffee), this superb new single origin Colombian coffee has a smooth, slightly nutty hue with surprising and delicious citrus notes. Lively and bright with lemon, peach, butter and caramel flavours it also delivers a deep mocha hit.

Unfortunately we are no longer roasting this Colombian coffee.

Dominican Republic Cibao Altura Movicac Cooperative coffee

This has a sublime fruity fragrance and delicate aroma. It’s a medium bodied, medium dark roasted coffee with the typical buttery flavour of an excellent Island coffee. A creamy and rounded feel to each mouthful will surprise your palate with hints of chocolate, hazelnuts and berry. It’s reminiscent of the Australian Skybury and Jamaican Blue Mountain.

As sublime as this coffee from the Dominican was, again unfortunately we are no longer roasting it.

Ethiopian Kaffa Forest Estate Organic RFA coffee

This is a superb and amazingly complex coffee grown on a family-owned estate in the highlands of the Kaffa region. In fact, it’s the exact forest where, according to local legend, mythical goat herder Kaldi, first discovered coffee by watching its effects on his goats (they danced a lot so the story goes). The coffee is wild and natural and grows in an area of some 2,000 hectares at an altitude of between 1,750 and 1,850 metres above sea level. Approximately half of this land remains a natural forest with the coffee growing among the trees. This coffee gives a lovely floral taste with traces of delicious juicy apricot, forest honey and tongue hugging caramel.

Perfect for: anytime, anywhere - £5.50 for a 200g bag

Sumatran Gregarang Village Cooperative Organic Fairtrade coffee

Coffees from Sumatra are characterised by smooth, intense flavours and this is no different. Exotically lush, sweet and heavy-bodied, this coffee is deep and full bodied with a tangerine sweetness layered with heavy chocolate. We let this one rest for a few days after roasting to ensure the flavours are allowed to develop.

Perfect for: espresso - £5.50 for a 200g bag

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