Rainforest Alliance certified coffee - what does it mean?

As coffee lovers, you will have seen the Rainforest Alliance certification on various different kinds of coffee.

Here at York Coffee Emporium we have been working to increase the number of coffees that we stock that are RFA certified and currently have four great coffees to choose from. But do you know exactly what it means?

Coffee farming

More than 25 million people worldwide depend on the coffee crop. As the second most traded commodity in the world after oil, coffee is the economic backbone for many countries. And it’s farmed on an area of 30 million acres worldwide - that’s an area almost the size of England!

For more than 150 years, traditional farming techniques ensured the continued existence of a thriving ecosystem under a canopy formed by native rainforest trees. In the 70s, greed and big business intervened to implement a new farming system. This involved clearing the forests, packing coffee bushes in and using loads of agrochemicals. These farms produce more beans but the cost to the environment is astronomical - there is a hugely devastating impact on wildlife, erosion of soil and pollution of streams.

The Rainforest Alliance

The Rainforest Alliance and its partner groups established in 1993 at the Sustainable Agriculture Network (SAN) that forested coffee farms are havens for wildlife and began helping farmers to implement sustainable farm management systems.

Success story - El Salvador

To demonstrate the biodiversity on a properly managed coffee farm, one certified cooperative in El Salvador was monitored for wildlife. It contains more than 100 tree species, dozens of species of rare birds, wild cats like ocelots, rare frogs, butterflies, orchids, monkeys and even a giant anteater - all sound evidence for sustainable coffee farming.

The seal of approval

Coffee lovers everywhere can support farmers who are maintaining these forests by looking for the Rainforest Alliance Certified seal of approval. Here at York Coffee Emporium, we have some fantastic certified coffees for you to sample and you can find them easily using our RFA filter on the coffee page.

Superior coffee

Shop for RFA coffee at York Coffee Emporium

You can search for RFA coffee online in our store, we have some great beans to choose from.

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