York Coffee Trail

As we York-based coffee roasters we often get asked where a great place for a sit down cup of coffee is. So I decided to compile this list, based on professional opinion, customer feedback, consumer analysis... but mainly based on places that are just awesome to go for a cuppa! Bear in mind however, this is not a list of good cafes (i.e. places to get great lunch, cakes or meals) - we are talking just great coffee.

To make things easier for those of you unfamiliar with York, I have even split the list into locations and streets, so wherever you are, you can be assured of finding the best brew York has to offer!

I have included on this list places we currently supply coffee to, of course, but also other cafes and restaurants whose commitment to speciality coffee is paramount.

High Petergate

House of Avalon
Enter this vintage coffee paradise through their 1950s style shop which boasts a range of vintage clothes, jewellery and accessories at affordable prices. In the back of the shop there is a quaint tea room, which serves a York Coffee Emporium unique blend, providing a smooth, flavoursome and easy drinking cup. This is especially delicious in a latte and to be enjoyed with one of their fantastic cupcakes.

What's even better is that Avalon is a charity to aid young people with working disabilities get into employment, so you can drink knowing you have done a good philanthropic deed for the day!

La Cremeria
York's first authentic gelateria and coffee house, La Cremeria is firmly established on the coffee route in summertime York. A soft, sweet coffee blend from York Coffee Emporium complements their range of desserts and homemade cakes, and there is always a single origin decaf option.

But, the piece de la resistance has got to be the Affogato - their handmade, fresh daily ice cream served with a shot of hot espresso poured over. Divine.

Oh, and check out their gorgeous cream, 50s style Sanremo Verona espresso machine - the same machine used in the World Barista Championships. Definitely worth a visit.


Coffee Culture
A favourite haunt of York locals, Coffee Culture is situated in a charming three story building and oozes character. Run by a half Yorkshire / half Aussie couple, this place offers a warm welcome, Aussie hospitality and a simple but delicious Yorkshire menu.

They offer a very heavily roasted espresso blend, which is ideal for the wandering Italian tourist in desperate search of un café, plus a good range of cafetiere single origins - from Kenyan AA, Columbian to Indian Monsoon Malabar, all supplied by York Coffee Emporium.

For an extra treat, try an Australian Skyberry flat white - a full bodied, buttery and chocolatey cup, skillfully made by the baristas, alongside their cinnamon toast - the perfect hideaway snack.

La Piazza
La Piazza is another favourite local hangout, this time in the evenings. It's an authentic Italian restaurant, run by incredibly hospitable Italian brothers and their families, providing a down to earth and relaxed eating environment.

During the daytime, they often open for coffee and cake. Having tried to weedle out of the brothers what their blend comprises on many occasion, I am always met with the same response - "is unique to us, dear".

Try the cappuccino - always made with skill to create a silky mouthfeel, with a good robust coffee kick slinking through. Oh, and a Nonnas cake on the side (a homemade caramel and apple pie).

Not to my taste for espresso - mind you, any French or Italian visitor would be overjoyed with the heavy, full bodied and somewhat acidic cup.

Kings Square

Café Harlequin
Situated in the most unlikely of places to find great coffee (above a bookies), don't let this put you off! Café Harlequin boasts one of the best baristas in the UK (a frequent entrant to the UK Barista Championships), plus a sophisticated coffee selection to appeal to any coffee connoisseur.

Their coffees are supplied by Hasbean, a speciality roasters, and they offer a bespoke blend for their espresso based drinks. The latte art is excellent, so well worth having a latte to grab some pictures! But it is their single origin selection which really stands out - it is one of the only places in York you can drink Cup of Excellence award winners alongside your scone and cream.

The advice is superb too, and the owners will offer tips as to how best enjoy their coffee.

Café on the Square
A tourist trap, due to its location, Café on the Square is the place to go for breakfast! Their bespoke espresso blend is supplied by York Coffee Emporium, and it is definitely the place to go for a fry up and a latte. Recent new owners mean it is slowly breaking out of its traditional tourist market and attracting more local clientele, and for quick, easy Yorkshire grub, it's the place to go.


Perky Peacock
A new addition to York's coffee scene, the Peacock has been open in its teeny tower next to the river just off Lendal bridge for a year or so now, and offers a select range of cakes, pastries and sandwiches.

Stepping inside the Perky Peacock is like stepping inside the Doctor's Tardis - on the outside it's an 800 year old tower, inside it is jam packed full of the latest coffee gizmos; a glistening Sanremo Verona with matching grinder, both blinking like Christmas trees. For the coffee machine geek, it's a mecca.

Their coffee comes from Hasbean as well, and as well as a unique espresso blend they offer a variety of filter single origins which are worth experimenting with.

York Theatre Royal
We have just started to supply a unique blend to the York Theatre Royal Café, something we are very proud of. Having a bar manager whose desire it is to create a better café experience, the staff have recently undergone specialist barista training as well, who suggested they try a new espresso blend to improve their product. So they came to us!

The Theatre is a lovely place to go for a coffee, especially in the summer with their fantastic outside space. Also, you can celeb spot - who knows when you may see the latest star of the boards walking past!

Dean Court Hotel
Heading out to dinner or lunch at one of York's top rated restaurants at the DCH? Make sure you top your meal off with a coffee! The DCH bistro and restaurant was our first wholesale customer, and to them we have provided a rich, full bodied and robust espresso blend, perfect for that after dinner espresso.

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