Coffee Mumbo Jumbo talks coffee

We had the pleasure of sending some coffee to Elizabeth at Coffee Mumbo Jumbo to review for us.

We sent Elizabeth a bag of Peru Tunki Fairtrade and organic certified coffee and the new Ethiopian Kaffa Forest Estate Organic Rainforest Alliance coffee.

While reviewing the coffees Elizabeth produced these fascinating audio clips that describe the cupping process and her initial thoughts on the coffee.

Elizabeth's first impressions were captured in the first two clips during which the coffees were cupped and tasted for the first time.

LISTEN HERE - Out of the bag & onto the cupping table

LISTEN HERE - Slurping from Peru 2 Ethiopia

Coffee Mumbo Jumbo review

Enjoying the Peruvian Tunki

Elizabeth shared her thoughts of the Peru Tunki in the audio boo "Laurence of York". The coffee was described an absolute delight with chocolate notes when drank as a Flat White with full cream, organic milk.

Ethiopian Kaffa Forest Estate - Absolute winner

Thoughts on the Ethiopian Kaffa Forest Estate coffee were shared in the audio boo "Absolute winner", which as you may have guessed was Elizabeth's favourite of the two coffees.

Described as delicious as an espresso this is one of our favourite coffees. Juicy and rich with a distinct deep taste and no bitterness. In a Flat White (again with full cream, organic milk) the coffee has a lovely sweetness, distinct fruitiness and is absolutely delicious.

Ethiopian Kaffa Forest coffee

We would direct any coffee lovers in the direction of the Coffee Mumbo Jumbo page on Audio Boo for more fascinating insights into the world of coffee.

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