Aeropress Selection Pack Reviewed

We read every single review that is submitted to our site to make sure we're continuously improving both our coffee and our service. Recently we recieved the following review from customer Steven and it really made our day. The review is a little too big to fit in a Facebook post so we thought we'd share it here for all to read! Steven is reviewing the Aeropress Selection Pack which features five of our coffees. Over to Steven..

"Father's Day boom-box!

First off - a big thanks to my wife & 6 year old daughter for actually buying me a Father's Day present. I'm a grouchy so and so and hard to please but fair play: they hacked into my York account and sent me this on the sly. Thanks girls.

Now, on to the selection. In my opinion there's not a bad bean in the box. I'm usually a Malabar fiend (jeez - I love the depth of that coffee) and a Vietnam G1 swigger (cheap & cheerful - my all day caffeine fix) so, upon opening the box, I was greeted by 5 coffees I wouldn't normally select but I'm glad the girls thought expanding El Groucho's palate was a good move.

The Ebor Blend

Gorgeous! After the initial tangy zing on the sides of the tongue It hangs around on the palate for a good 5 minutes allowing you to relish that chocolatey, rich Mocha taste. Lovely.

Guatemala SHB

Oooh! Tangy, fruity, bags of flavour. A lovely middle of the day coffee when I'm loafing around and looking for that certain something to perk me up during the day. Lovely.

Ethiopian Sidamo

Now here's a really nice one. Light, perfumed, a real middle of the day pick-me-up - and keep-me-up - til it's time to forage into the Malabar. Not a heavy coffee by any stretch of the imagination but a gorgeous, refreshing, aromatic brew. This was the first bag finished out of the 5 - nuff said. Lovely.


Peru Tunki

This fella had a bit of everything as far as I'm concerned: the cupping notes mention citrus acidity, floral tones and chocolate. Yes x3 - I really enjoyed this one - so much so that I've used it most sparingly and still have a couple of brews left and I'm not using them until I know Laurence & Philippa have my new batch on the way. Lovely.

Elk Hill

This one had some serious competition from the rest of the selection. A tasty, complex, after dinner/late in the evening coffee. Probably my least favourite out of the box but by no means a bad coffee - it was up against M. Malabar as my post 7 o'clock computer game mainstay. No competition but still.... yep, you guessed it: lovely.
So, after that pile of waffle there's 5 great coffees in here that should tickle most fancies & tantalize most palates - superb value for money and a broad spectrum of flavours. Exactly what your AeroPress was made for."

A huge thanks to Steven for such a thorough review!

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