5 ways to make a perfect hot chocolate

Planning ahead to Christmas we began to look to the city for ideas. Taking pride in our York roots led us to look to someone else in our hometown who was expertly crafting hot chocolate (surely the ultimate Christmas gift!). York Cocoa House hand-make all their chocolate products on site adhering to both timeless and modern recipes that create the perfect cupful for every acquired taste.

The YCE York Cocoa House collaboration brings you a selection of 15 hot chocolates to choose from. You are sure to find the perfect gift for hot chocolate lovers. Choose from Classic Hot Chocolates to the Connoisseur range for true hot chocolate lovers. Don’t play it safe! Pick a hot chocolate gift that is unique or even signature to York Cocoa House. We guarantee they all taste delicious and there is no better gift for a hot chocolate lover than that of a new discovery.

So you've bought your hot chocolate - now how to make it? Look out on the product page for the serving suggestions of each unique hot chocolate, most can be whipped up into a delightful Classic Hot Chocolate but there are many more styles of serving to discover.

Over to Sophie of York Cocoa House to tell us how it's done...

Classic Hot Chocolate

Our classic house hot chocolate recipe dates back to 1644 and is made using cocoa mass, sugar and milk

This recipe is made to a traditional method for making chocolate, it is detailed in the menus, the recipe calls for 1 ounce of pure cocoa beans and 1 ounce of sugar and half a pint of liquid. We use the basis of this recipe to make our classic hot chocolate.

To make:
1: Put 3 table spoon fulls of hot chocolate shavings
2: Steam or heat at least 200ml of milk until it is piping hot
3: Pour a little of the hot milk over the shavings, so it is all only just covered and leave to sit there for a couple of minutes.
4: Stir into a smooth paste, mixing in all the hot milk
5: Top the cup up with the remaining hot milk
6: Dust with a little of the chocolate sprinkles
7: Enjoy!

5: Top the cup up with the remaining hot milk

Do not stir the mixture straight away, leave it a minute or so otherwise stirring it will cool the mixture down too quickly and the end result will make it much colder and less chocolatey.

Enjoy this recipe using milk, water, milk alternatives or for a truly decadent recipe – make with a full bodied Red Wine (yes you read right!)

Chocolate Espresso

A shot of Italian blend Espresso rounded off with dark chocolate to give a bitter but smooth chocolate finish *

This recipe is a combination of an Espresso and pure chocolate.

Serve in: Espresso Mug

To make:
1: Place 1 tbsp of the Hot Chocolate shavings in the bottom of the cup
2: Make the Espresso with 1 shot of grounds and water as you would usually, over the chocolate.
3: Stir gently to mix the chocolate and espresso together

Enjoy mid morning to give a slight creamy rounding off to a classic, bitter, espresso

Spanish Hot Chocolate

A thick, bitter chocolate perfect when made with Colombian Santander 85% dark chocolate or with our Classic 70% Chocolate recipe, perfect as a morning meal in itself *

Spanish Hot Chocolate is very dark and rich and thick and creamy but is made with water rather than milk. Chocolate first reached Europe through Spain so the recipes and taste for chocolate there is much more like the purer stuff when sugar was not so readily available. The cocoa butter in the cocoa beans would make the mixture quite fatty, it would rise to the top, to counteract this and to aid the emulsification the Spanish would use cornflour, this is what thickens the drink and gives it a creamy consistency. Spanish famously drink their hot chocolate with Churro’s a long thin doughnut that would be used to soak up the cocoa butter.

To make:
1: Place 2 heaped teaspoons of cornflour into a glass mug with a little hot water and 3 heaped tbsps of 85% Santander chocolate, stir this into a paste until it is thoroughly mixed.
2: Add a little more hot water and leave to melt for a few minutes.
3. Stir until thoroughly mixed and then top up with hot water.

3: Stir until thoroughly mixed and then top up with hot water

The result should be a thick, dark hot chocolate that is quite creamy despite containing no milk.

Connoisseur - Single Origin Hot Chocolate

Our Chocolates have beautiful flavours based on where they are grown. We make our single origin hot chocolates with water and a little starch to enjoy the pure flavour. At the Cocoa House all are served with the chocolates of which they are made.

Each of these hot chocolates are made in a similar way as the Spanish chocolate, but with not as much cornflour, we want to add enough to aid the emulsification but not to thicken it too much. By making these with water as opposed to milk the method is much more like the original drinks and allows the chocolate flavour to sing through more prominently.

To make:
1: Place a teaspoon of cornflour into the bottom of a glass mug, add a little hot water and 30g of the chosen chocolate stir into a paste.
2: Add enough hot water to cover the chocolate and leave to sit for a few moments
3: Stir into a smooth paste and top up with hot water.

To serve: Serve with a chunk or piece of the chocolate of which it is made.

Chocolate Shot

A strong shot of pure, bitter chocolate *

This recipe is the chocolate alternative to an Espresso in Coffee.

To make:
1: Fill an Espresso Mug with hot water to warm the cup through, then pour the water out.
2: Put 1 tbsp of the hot chocolate shavings in the bottom of the espresso mug
3: Pour a little hot water onto the buttons.
4: Leave to sit for a minute or 2 before stirring chocolate and water into a paste
5: Top up the mug with hot water

Enjoy at the beginning of the day to line the stomach and to kick start the day.

Sit back, relax and enjoy!


We hope you enjoy this fabulous hot chocolates, drop us a line on Facebook or Twitter to let us know how you're getting on (photographic evidence is welcome!).


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